It is not so easy to write about oneself. And it is not any easier to write in a foreign language. But I\'ll do my best. I was studying English at school without  no real interest in learning it. Swedish was much easier to me. Finnish is my native language, and Estonian I studied at the university. These all about 25-30 years ago. I have never used English (or even German).

This story seems to be very typical for a middle-aged Finnish: an explanation about the theme "I\'m sorry to be so shy". So, I\'m 49 years old, just retired from everyday working because of various diseases.  I live with my husband in Southern Finland. My son  (23) is living on his own. Granddaugter was born 08/09. We have no pets, we are interested in litterature, history and culture in general.  My husband is a few years older than me and still working.

I love  knitting. Surprise? My grandmother taught me to knit (and crochet) when I was about four. She was a wonderful woman and I spend all my spare time with her even when I became older. Also my father used to knit, but mummy just sew.  About twenty years or more I had no interest in making any handicraft. About five years ago I fell in deep depression. Nowadays it seems that wooly yarn, especially colours and sense, even smell, was what helped me to survive.

My favorite yarn is wool. And after a long dark season in my mind, the favourite color is red. Or nowadays even orange. Mostly I am working with shawls, socks, mittens, bags. These accessories are not only simple to knit but they are usually fit to everyone. I have a typical collection of basic yarn at home so I think I\'ll manage a couple of months.

This is my first international secret pal. Or exactly not, because a couple of years ago I joined in with a Northern exhange. At the moment I\'m also in the Finnish Secret Knitting Pal. I am writing this blog in Finnish (also in Estonian sometimes) but now I am going to write a couple of sentences in English, too.